Woman Rising: Transform Your Life with the Power of the Divine Feminine

Event with guest speaker Caroline Britton.

Thursday 20th February 7-8:30pm

At The Garden Eatery, Hale

Have you ever thought about the role that the Divine Feminine can play in transforming your life? Have your ever thought about how you’ve been conditioned to rely on more masculine energies like striving, doing and achieving rather than being in grace and flow and trust? During this workshop Caroline Britton will teach you how to access your divine feminine to get magical results! We can’t wait to welcome her back on Thursday 20th February and if you haven’t met her yet get ready to be blown away by her presence and the magic she unlocks within everyone she meets.

Who is Caroline Britton?

Caroline is an intutive and transformational coach and an expert in helping people fulfil their potential – whether that is at a soul level or developing the tools they need to transition through mindset blocks to become a successful business founder. Alongside a background of 14 years in a global consultancy Caroline also have an incredible strong intuition for helping people & an ability to be able to feel what they feel. Caroline is able to get an extremely strong gut feel on someone beyond the words, actions and confusion they present her with and understand the true essence of them. This clairsentient gift means she is able to get truly transformational changes in people’s lives. Caroline is a mother to two small children, successful business owner, runs numerous business & life changing programs, is a speaker and has been published in The Telegraph, Red Magazine, The Stylist and featured on numerous podcasts.

Woman Rising Events 2020

The Woman Rising series of events aim to help women tap into their divine feminine and the woman power that resides in each and every one of us. The aim is for each woman to get to know and understand themselves intimately and cultivate a deep inner knowing which will help serve themselves, their family, friends, partners, children, colleagues and beyond, for the better. I strongly believe that we should belong to ourselves first and foremost and that there is so much we can uncover with the right guidance and nurturing. I absolutely can’t wait for you all to meet these truly inspiring, transformational women – get ready for a huge shift in your understanding of yourselves and the world around you.

Love always, Kate x

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