An inside look on a typical Yoga Kula Retreat…

If  avocado smash on toast,coastal and countryside surroundings and bright and friendly people make you smile..a Yoga Kula retreat is the perfect way to look after you,for the weekend.  

Accessible to all,after each retreat I can  be found advocating how  exhilarated and yet relaxed the retreat weekends leave you feeling.

 Rustic barn conversions, seafront  cottages or delicately furnished manors..although the locations are always uniquely stunning,it is ultimately the people that make the retreats. 

Whether  it be a more challenging workshop class or a more calming meditation based session, warm vibes flow throughout the weekend  with happy ,open minded  and motivated individuals sharing their experiences, and the welcoming approach of people getting involved as much or as little as they wish is encouraged.

In addition to this the delicious food ,provided by The Garden, is a definite highlight of the weekends, with fresh,flavoursome and colourful meals, perfectly punctuating the daily yoga itinerary and upon waking in  the morning the dichotomy of whether I’m more excited about breakfast or yoga is always there…

Walks on the beach,wanders  through bluebell woods and ambles through the countryside  are also sprinkled in my special retreat memories,with there also being plenty of downtime to either relax or explore..and making time for a dip in the hot tub is always a must

From Friday evening until Monday morning The Yoga Kula retreats allow you to escape from the hustle and bustle of every day life and revitalise and challenge your body and mind,whilst having lots of fun along the way…it’s no wonder I’ve already signed up for the 7 day retreat to Mallorca this summer, which will be my 6th yoga Kula retreat of the year!!

Having backpacked around the world,partied in Ibiza,skied through the alps,,taken a gondola around Venice and sipped champagne in Cannes, I can now honestly say a yoga retreat is my favourite holiday and whether it be in the U.K or abroad, undoubtedly the Yoga Kula girls will continue to spread their infectious yoga magic throughout Cheshire and beyond.

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