An Interview with Mel Wells

Back in early November we had the wonderful Mel Wells with us hosting her very own Supper Club here at The Garden. With Mel now living in Bali we thought we’d take advantage of having her home by asking her a bunch of questions we’d love to know the answer to. Having written two books now all about finding your inner Goddess and running Goddess academies with women from across the world we wanted to hear from Mel herself and draw upon her experience of working with thousands of women. Read our interview with Mel below.


  • Why is it important to you to come together with evenings such as the Supper Club tonight?

There’s nothing I love more than sharing my message with a room full of Goddesses — and it’s even better when they share the love with each other! I think it is SO important that as women we come together to support each other, especially with so much pressure from society to do the opposite. My goal with these events is always to provide a safe space where women can experience both sisterhood and self love.

  • What would you say are the main things that people struggle with when it comes to being kinder to themselves and embracing self-love?

All women on some level have been affected by diet culture or made to feel like we aren’t good enough based on how we look or the shape of our bodies — I see so many prioritising a number on the scale or a clothing size over actual health and wellbeing. It’s a huge difference! Chasing perfection is another big stumbling block. The fact that we even believe that something exists out ’there’ that is perfect is exactly what is holding us back! As soon as you let go of that, you can be YOURSELF and finally start embracing who you really are. 

  • What has Bali taught you since living there and what have you taught Bali?!

Bali has taught me to slooooow down and chillax. Everything is so steady and slow paced there, and people are much happier and calmer – with way less material things. It’s taught me to live more minimalistically, and be grateful for everything. What have I taught Bali…hmm… maybe that turquoise is the new black!? Everyone rides around on scooters and my turquoise vespa stands out everywhere I go. 

  • At this time of year, our relationship with food and drink has a tendency to reach fever pitch. Parties, dinners, mince pies etc etc etc… What are your tips for supporting people in the run up to Christmas and after the festivities into the New Year?

Don’t wait until January to ‘start’! Everyone gets a little more relaxed with food around December time, but try to catch yourself whenever you think ‘Ah, screw it – I’ll start in January’. When we delay our healthy efforts, we go even further the other way, which makes January seem like more of a challenge! It’s all about balance: start your days with a healthy breakfast, listen to and respect your body at all times and most importantly, make your holiday GUILT-FREE!

  • Our theme for this month at The Garden is hygge… embracing the season of cosiness and conviviality. What is your favourite drink and dish to enjoy this season – in the UK (feel free to pick something from our menu!) and in Bali?

I would have to say a big vegetarian stew, and a glass of red wine. 

  • It’s party season. What are your tips for people who want to embrace their inner goddess but are lacking in confidence and self-esteem when it comes to bringing their best selves to the party?

Change the story! We can continuously tell ourselves a hundred reasons why we cannot or should not do something, but all we are doing is perpetuating our old beliefs and stories and ingraining them so deeply into our psyche that we then start to feel there is no other way to exist. But the truth is we can choose to rewrite our story at any moment! Give yourself the power back and recognise you don’t have to fight for your best self – all you have to do is BE her, and remember that you have been all along. 

  • What intentions have you set yourself for 2018? 

To do less, but better.

  • Final or best piece of advice to share to set people up for a brilliant end to the year and 2018.

Go back through every month of 2016 and celebrate all of your wins, lessons and breakthroughs.