Gentle Life and Purposeful Business Workshop

Gentle Life and Purposeful Business Workshop – A practical workshop for small business owners, or those who want to create a side-hustle or a small business, at a pace that feel right to them.

You started your business so that you could do more of what you love, you know it’s your ticket to the slower, more meaningful lifestyle you long for and you ache to make it work.

But the journey often feels like a turbulent adventure into the unknown. You feel overwhelmed by all of the projects you want to get started on in your business. Some feel so big, you don’t know where to start and others feel so far outside of your comfort zone that you’ve been putting them off for months, or perhaps years.

What you need is CLARITY, a PLAN and some steadfast mindset tools to get you in a place where you can really begin to make things happen.

This workshop has been created by Helen Robinson (coach and mentor) and Elli Johnson (Author, Writer and Mental Health Advocate), to support you in your journey by helping you to create clarity around what you really want your business and lifestyle to look like and which projects are going to get you closer to that vision.  As part of this we will look at how to create a route map, in the shape of a 12-week plan, so that you can clearly see the path ahead and make those projects a reality.

This workshop will cover everything you need to really start moving forward with your business or business idea and creating a life that feels good to you.

The workshop will include:

– How to gently grow a business and find your authentic voice without feeling overwhelmed

– we will look at how to create a positive mindset and manage the Ego while discovering our authentic voice and purpose as we grow our amazing businesses.

– How to communicate with intention and purpose to help bring your business and purpose into the world to change the world – we will look at creating content in the every day and understanding your WHY and how to harness that in your brand styling process

– How to create some balance in the modern world – We will explore how we can manage the competing elements of our busy lives, stress, work, money, health, children etc and create a business that works the way that we want it to, rather than our business controlling us.

– How to take care of ourselves while home working – Looking at nutrition, movement, community, meditation and mental health while working in an isolated environment and without a team.


You will leave with the tools to help you create a clear understanding of the real WHY you want to grow your business, who you want to work with or who your customers are; you will establish WHY what you are doing/planning to do is important to the world, and develop some knowledge around how to create intentional content in the every day by finding your authentic voice, a voice that will help you to develop a community with deep meaningful connections, so that you can grow your business gently and profitably with confidence.


Eli Johnson, Author of How not to be Good: The A-Z of Anxiety will be on hand to talk to you about how to use micro moments of self-care in your busy life to restore balance throughout your day and life while managing all that running a small business requires on top of life’s day to day demands.


About Helen

I’m Helen, I live on Bowdon with my gorgeous 7 year old little boy and am passionate about supporting women thrive in both business and life.


I am marketing and mindset mentor and coach with a big appetite for supporting women to gently create a life and business that works for them at a pace that feels good to them. I act as a personal cheerleader, who gently nudges and encourages my clients along the way.


After 18 years in the corporate world as a branding stylist and marketeer, I was burnt out and knew I couldn’t carry on the way I was. Throwing my son in pre and post school clubs and the guilt that came with it, was all consuming at times. I was sick of being grumpy and distracted instead of patient and present. I just knew there was more for me than this 9-5 hustle club!


I quickly realised that I could use my marketing skills, my love of self care and experience of mentoring to support others escape the shackles of the corporate world and live a life in a calmer space full of freedom, joy and purpose.


The ethos of my business is anchored around four core pillars of Personal Development, Empowerment, Clarity and Creativity. I strongly believe that with the right support, encouragement, tools and mindset you can do anything!!


Elli Johnson

Elli is a writer, photographer, speaker and sometimes theatre-maker. Married to Matt, and Mum to Amy, Madge and Ed. We live in a big, cold, Victorian house in Liverpool, with the river Mersey at the end of the road.

Following a diagnosis of depression and anxiety in 2009 I realised the way I had been living had not been working out so well. I was a mess, overwhelmingly anxious with rock-bottom self-confidence and frequent feelings of hopelessness.


Since 2009 I have been starting again, re-learning to live in a way that enables me to enjoy life and maintain my mental health. It has been a complicated and twisty process, with lots of wrong turns and false starts. It has involved re-learning how to think and handle my emotions, and fundamental changes in how I deal with just about every element of my life, from my relationships, to my faith, to what I eat.




£28 in cafe (£29.76 on Eventbrite)

Date And Time

Wed, 30 Oct 2019

19:00 – 22:00 BST


The Garden Eatery

154 Ashley Road



WA15 9SA