Back to the Garden

We’re hugely excited to have created a very special menu for a new childcare setting that will be launching in Altrincham later this month.

‘Back to the Garden’ nursery will be located on Sinderland Road in Broadheath and will be offering places for children ranging in age from three months old to five years old.  Both we and the founders of ‘Back to the Garden’ share a huge passion for good food and nutrition and developing understanding of food from a very early age.

Where possible, all produce will be organic or free range and locally grown. You can read more about how we’re approaching the menu below. We’ll be sharing pics of the launch very soon too!

Organic dairy

As the soil association says “how we farm affects the quality of the food we eat”. For dairy to be classified as organic the farm must adhere to rigorous hygiene, welfare and feeding policies. A recent study showed that organic dairy contains up to 50% more beneficial omega 3 fatty acids than non organic. We are committed to sourcing all dairy from certified organic suppliers so that the children that attend this setting are getting maximum nutrition and we are making minimal impact.

Free Range

Although we believe organic is best, unfortunately it is not easy to source organic meat in particular at a sustainable price. We feel that free range is the next best thing and you can rest assured that all meat on your child’s menu is sourced free range ensuring the animals are free to roam on spacious outdoor land.

Health Foods

We will be introducing an eclectic mix of new tastes and superfoods into the children’s diets. We work with many nutrient dense superfoods with various tastes and textures for children to become accustomed to from an early age and believe introducing them early is key to raising happy healthy children who love to eat a variety of nutritious foods.