Bringing balance to the festive season..

We’re big fans of Christmas festivities here at The Garden but we’re also big fans of balance. When clocking up the numerous social events of the season coupled with a race to the finish line at work, it’s easy to get to the big day itself feeling less than your best.

Not this year. We reached out to coach, Caroline Britton for her experience of Christmas and how we can all bring a bit more chill to the merriment this year. 


Festive merriment and my top tips


I am one of those people that just loves Christmas. I love the the sparkle, the songs, the tree, the mulled wine and that the whole country looks like someone has thrown glitter all over it. I have always approached Christmas with such excitement that  by early November the calendar has various meet ups strewn all over it [I’ve been known to sprint with the zeal of Usain Bolt from party to party in a bid to say yes to every possible invite]. Meet ups with school friends, uni friends, local friends, family, work friends, cousins, neighbours. You name it and it gets put in there.

I’ve always approached the first week of December with great enthusiasm. Mulled wine… pass me some? Baileys coffee… yes please. Three course dinner… go on then….

And then the inevitable happens. I start looking at that calendar and feeling that familiar sense of overload and over commitment creep upon me. I start dreaming of a night in front of the fire with a movie and a blanket. I start dreaming of just being.

It was this time last year that something occurred to me. My attitude to Christmas was pretty much reflective of my attitude to my whole year. That I was always supposed to be doing, to be busy, to be saying yes, to be pleasing. To be stretching myself as far as I could possibly get away with.

So last year I made a big change. I approached Christmas as an opportunity to rest, to be at home, to be and to say no. To play with the kids, watch movies, read books. I embraced not leaving the house apart from the odd walk and do you know what, I felt really really good for it.

My Christmas present to me last year was to be kind to myself, to give myself a pat on the back for all my hard work over the year and then to unapologetically chill. It was the perfect tonic and allowed me to slow down so that I could approach 2017 with a bit more zen in my life.

So these are my top tips to you for December:

  1. Get the social fun booked in but be realistic, do you really want to be out every night? Have you really got the energy to say yes to every single party invite going? Is it really manageable and what you want to do?
  2. How do you approach the festive period? Does it say anything about how you have approached your year in general?
  3. You’ve earned a break. Enjoy it.
  4. What do you really want from your Christmas break? What is your body, mind and soul asking you for?
  5. And lastly, the biggest gift you can give yourself is to just be present. Whatever you do, take the time to enjoy it. Step back, relax, enjoy and just be.


Wishing you all a wonderful and restful festive period.