Caroline Britton

Business and personal development coach, Caroline, has always had an interest in personal development, be it her own, or other peoples and found herself drawn to a career which has been focused on how to get the best out of talent in the workplace. Over the last 14 years Caroline has been working for a global  consultancy in London and now runs a coaching business where she works with people to get the best out of themselves. Caroline provides her clients with the tools to deal with any area of their life; whether this is leaving their jobs, setting up a business, changing careers, getting promoted, being their authentic self, dealing with stress, identifying and  changing negative thought patterns or tapping into what they really want.

 Caroline’s warmth, openness, astuteness and integrity alongside her 14 years experience working within talent strategy makes her an extremely effective coach.

Caroline has worked with everyone from business leaders, sports professional and new business start ups and runs large workshops in Manchester and London.

Caroline has appeared in both Emerald Street and Red Magazine publications and you can hear more of what Caroline is doing on her website.

Instagram: caroline.britton_