Celebrating a friend of The Garden – Book Launch

So thrilled to be able to share news of a good friend of The Garden’s upcoming book launch. Kavita has been a customer for a number of years and through sheer will and determination has gone on to write a book, documenting the tale of her brain hemorrhage and subsequent recovery.

Please see detail of Kavita’s book, ‘Room 23 – Surviving a Brain Hemorrhage’ below. You can also pre-order Kavita’s book which is out in November, by clicking here.

Thank you for sharing your story Kavita.

The Gardeners


Kavita Basi had a wonderful life–a job she enjoyed, a wonderful family, and seemingly perfect health. Then an unexpected event took place and turned her entire world upside down.

InĀ Room 23, Basi chronicles her time suffering from a subarachnoid hemorrhage–bleeding in the area of the skull surrounding the brain. With this diagnosis, Basi went from being healthy and happy to battling a condition with a 50 percent mortality rate.

Following her challenging journey through near death and recovery, this memoir takes an exciting, interactive approach, using QR codes within the chapters so readers can transport themselves to the timeline of what Basi was doing at each moment of her experience, either linking to an Instagram post or video blog–bringing her struggles, and ultimate triumph, alive.

10% of profits will be donated to the Brain & Spine Foundation .