I’m so excited to say that Christmas is finally here! It’s that time of the year where we spend a lot more time though out and about in our fancy frocks and suits and also (for some of us ladies), wearing a lot more makeup. Heavy makeup bases with lots of primers and powders, intense eye makeup with false lashes and long lasting lip sticks which really dry everything  out. Then we can have our hair styled at the hairdressers more frequently with hairdryers blowing on our faces and finally covering us with a blanket of hairspray. All these things can add up to really dry and damage our hair and skin. Here are some top tips from me to help us look after our skin and hair throughout the party season so we always look our best…



Ok, well I’m not a hair dresser by no means, however if we decide to visit the salon a little more frequently for an extra style, it maybe a good idea to ask them to do a hair treatment at the same time. Constantly blowing our hair dry with the hot, professional hairdryers can make our hair look a little bit dull. I like to do a hair mask each week to keep my hair nice and healthy. You can invest in a nice hair mask, or why not just apply some argan or coconut oil to your hair for a couple of hours or so (even better overnight!) before you wash it. Then, before you wash your hair, apply the shampoo to dry hair and then rinse out. Then wash your hair as normal, this will allow the oil to wash out much easier. (Why not try the Coconut Oil or Argan oil from www.tsuiapothecary.com. Available from £10 for 100ml)



So, it’s late. You’ve just come home and you’re super tired – and maybe even a little tipsy. Please, I beg you remove your makeup before bedtime. This is so so important to prevent breakouts and dry patches on your skin. Remove your eye makeup first using an oil based cleanser or oily eye makeup remover (why not try my Cleansing Beauty Balm available at www.emmaline-tsui.com for £30 for 120ml). You want to very gently massage the eye makeup off. The more you scrub, the more you damage your lashes and the delicate eye area. If you are wearing false lashes, the oil will help to dissolve the glue so if you want them to stay on, avoid them with any oily products.

Then, once you have removed your eye makeup, do a double cleanse. Wash your face once with your cleanser and then again to do a deeper cleanse. I only recommend doing this if you have been wearing a lot of makeup to remove any dirt and grime from the skin. Then follow with your moisturiser.




If your skin is feeling a little drier than normal, then maybe try a face oil at night time. Sometimes the cold weather, makeup primers, central heating and a ‘party diet’ can dehydrate our skin. A face oil can help protect the skin’s natural barrier and also prevent moisture loss in the skin overnight. (Why not try Viceroy & Grace Botanical Face Oil, available from www.viceroyandgrace.com from £45 for 10ml).

Make sure you’re taking your oils/face creams right down your neck area and onto your chest. Especially if we are wearing a lower cut party dress/top, our decollate needs to look as radiant as our face too you know! Plus, as we get older, our neck and chest area can give away our age if we are not looking after it. Make sure this area gets some good TLC as well!



It’s always good to do some treatments to your skin either weekly or twice-weekly at this time of year (and the rest of the year too if you can fit it in!). Once or twice a week build an exfoliation into your evening routine to help slough off any dry and dead skin cells that make your skin look dull. Use a nice and gentle exfoliator like my exfoliating pearls (available from www.emmaline-tsui.com at £10 for 15ml) or an exfoliating enzyme to help dissolve and eat away dead skin (such as the Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme available in my clinic for £32 – email me for details).

If you can, also build in a nice and hydrating or rejuvenating face mask. You can use a simple homemade mask of greek yoghurt and honey or mashed avocado to hydrate your skin once a week. Always test an area first to check it suits your skin, but your face will thank you!



Finally, a good facial once a month will keep your skin in great condition. A treatment to hydrate and deep cleanse the skin at the same time will be perfect for this time of year. We want to replenish all the moisture that Winter has taken out of our skin and also deep cleanse the pores of all the makeup, dirt and grime to keep your skin glowing. (For facials in the clinic, please send an email to bookafacial@outlook.com. Facials start from £45 for 30 minutes with a consultation)


So, there you have it! A few tippity tips to help you look after your skin in the party season.


Thanks so much for reading,


Big love,


Emmaline x


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