Full Moon Club

Thursday 28th June: 7.30pm

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Come and join us in circle at the Full Moon of June, when the Moon in the earth sign of Capricorn. “It is predicted that for 2 weeks after this Full Moon you are likely to feel more serious than usual and experience sadness, guilt, fear, restriction or inhibition.”

To prepare for this, Liz from The Moon Club will revolve her Full Moon Ceremony around peace and forgiveness so if these emotions do come up we are equipped to deal with them in acceptance.

Each ceremony includes:

  • A smudging ceremony using a variety of incense, sound healing, essential oils; aimed to cleanse our auras and space of any excess negative energy.
  • Letting go ceremony- the time where we go within to write down what it is we want to let go of. What actions or habits are we doing that is preventing us from being true to who we are meant to  be, from who we want to be. What do we need to let go of in order to grow stronger.
  • Fire Ceremony, where will open our fire circle and let go of our fears into the fire/aether.
    Oracle cards available for your use, as well as other spiritual resources encouraging you to feel inspired.
  • Vegan drink/ tea, snacks.

Our Moon Ceremonies create a sacred circle allowing all members to feel safe and supported, there is 100% no judgment. We are a space of empowerment, anyone is welcome to join and will be welcomed with opened arms.

Moon Club was created as a therapeutic way to find time for yourself, using the phases of the Moon to become the best versions of ourselves that we want to be. Allowing ourselves time to listen to our higher selves, being still and being surrounded by like minded souls all on the same journey called life.