Get active!

Growing old is inevitable, but growing up… now that is optional. Why not find your inner child in 2015 and get playing outdoors with these three activities you may not have experienced before?

Whether it’s hopping back onto your old dusty bike that’s been abandoned in the garage, embracing the dried mud on your unloved trainers, or finding a way of getting yourself, friends and family to the nearest dreamy hillsides for a hike and hearty picnic, our ‘Get Active’ ideas will leave you feeling refreshed and more youthful again.


Any of these active pastimes are reminiscent of being a child. Remember when your parents/carers would say “Come on let’s go out for a walk and get some fresh air!”, or your friends would knock on for you, and ask “Do you want to play out on our bikes?”.

Locations like local woodland, rivers and National parks are all perfect little getaway spots to unleash your childlike urges of running wild and feeling free.

Trail running is a combination of running and hiking through woodland, forests, coastlines or mountainous terrains. More challenging than your average jog down the canal, or pounding of the treadmill, trail running offers unique experiences, a different way of life, and breath taking scenery with every outing.


If running is not for you, then still be sure to still research your local woodland and parks, or take a picnic and a drive out to the nearest countryside to enjoy a well deserved homemade sandwich after a hillside hike. There is something about being active outdoors that leaves you feeling fresh faced, inspired and much healthier!

For those of you who already remain to be a child at heart, yes you adrenaline seekers, we dare you to try mountain biking! Unfortunately Manchester is a city where citizens like you and I simply don’t have the time or space to put on the cycling gear and climb heights not reached before, and then feel the force of gravity as you plummet down the otherside at heart racing speeds.

But that’s no excuse, pull out a map and find somewhere nearby. Usually these mountain bike centres offer both walking routes and mountain bike trails, an ideal location for an active family day out, leaving those with a need for speed to enjoy what they do best, while those who fancy a challenging run with a view, or a woodland walk with baby backpacks, the chance to do so.


It is a well known fact that however achey you may feel, during the act of exercise your body releases endorphins, a chemical that makes you feel oh-so-happy!

So why not get outdoors and experience the joys of nature, with beautiful views and the benefit of raising your heart rate. We can promise that our favourite adventurous pastimes of hiking, trail running and mountain biking will leave you with that positive, youthful and fresh vibe!