Hormone Balancing Supper Club

When: Wednesday 26th September 2018
Timing: 7.00pm

The Garden is hosting a unique Hormone Balancing Supper Club in partnership with hormone guru, Rosie Life Nutrition.

During the Supper Club Rosie will support you in understanding your body, the hormones in your body and optimum nutrition to get the body hormones into balance. We’ll be preparing a delicious hormone balancing meal during the evening as Rosie discusses the impact of nutrition on our hormones.

Rosie is a nutritionist who specialises in female hormones and fertility. Like most Nutritional Therapists, Rosie got into Nutritional Therapy after having her own health challenges, including acne and painful periods.

“In an age where knowledge is bountiful and intuition is dying, women now struggle to understand the subtleties of their bodily signs and symptoms. Therefore, their hormones often become suppressed or seen as something of an inconvenience.”

Rosie’s passion is to support women to get their hormones back into balance and to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

What’s included at the Supper Club:

  • Healthy mocktail on arrival
  • Complimentary zinc and magnesium testing for everyone who attends (zinc and
    magnesium are vital minerals for hormonal health as Rosie will explain)
  • A 1 hour talk from Rosie about how to balance your hormones naturally (informal and interactive) plus a 30-minute Q&A
  • The opportunity to take-part in a hormone balancing quiz to start to understand your own body better
  • A delicious 2-course hormone balancing menu (this will be vegan, plant based and gluten free)
  • A nourishing tea, treats, chatter and the chance to make and take home some lovely personalised bath salts
  • You will also receive a lovely goodie bag to take home with you too

When: Wednesday 26 th September 2018
Timing: 7.00pm arrival for your meal to be served at 7.30pm. The Supper Club will close at 9.45pm
Price: £30pp + VAT and Eventbrite booking fee (tickets limited so please book to avoid disappointment)