House Plants and Blooms to Brighten your Mood

Spring can seem so, very very far away in February, can’t it? Plants and cut flowers in your home can be a great antidote to the lack of blossom, bulbs and bleak weather outside.

The house plant trend shows no sign of slowing down.  Succulents and Cacti flew out of our little stall last year, and now air purifying plants are the latest thing!  House plants are good for your health – seriously, I’m not just saying that because we sell them.  Nasa conducted research (yes that’s right, Nasa) and recommended having at least one plant per 100 square feet of home or office space in order to turn everyday toxins, into your oxygen, how great hey?

Here is a selection of the best toxin eliminating plants and how to care for them:

  • Mother in Law’s Tongue – not only does this spiky, little guy convert poisonous substances into oxygen but it also helps humidity and dampness in your home. Another bonus is, this plant is very hard to kill – perfect for someone that is not good with plants!  Best to under water than over water.
  • English Ivy – Fast growing, so it’s good if you need to create some impact on your shelf/in your plant hanger. It’s easy to care for – only needs watering once a week.
  • Boston Fern – This super luscious fern is great for the bathroom, it likes humidity, indirect sunlight and a regular misting of water.
  • Aloe Vera – The gel inside the plant is also excellent for skin complaints and burns. Test the soil regularly and only water when the soil is dry.
Mother in Law’s Tongue
English Ivy

If fresh flowers are more your thing, then spring is a great season to get your hands on some of the most gorgeous and delicate blooms.  Myself and the team love creating little table arrangements for The Garden, each week, with unusual flowers and foliage.  Some of our favourites, that will be on the stall:

Hanoi Ranunculus
Pom Pom Ranunculus
Icelandic Poppies

These flowers can look great alone, or mixed with some lovely spring foliage.

If you would like to get your hands on any of the plants or stems I’ve mentioned, or just get some general plant and floral advice or inspiration, then pop by our Altrincham Market Stall or visit our website.


Thanks so much for reading!

Chloe xx

Chloe with Craspedia