Finding Your Inner Power Workshop

So often we disconnect from the real us… we become mothers, wives, working women and then we start losing our joy, our spark and our purpose.

In this inner power workshop, Caroline Britton – Transformational and Intuitive coach, is going to show you how to connect back to the real you, the one beyond your ego and conditioning and how to transform your life. These are techniques Caroline has employed through thousands of coaching hours and with astonishing results.

During this workshop we are going to be talking about:
+ The warning signs you are disconnected from the real you
+ Replacing fear & worry with focusing on what you do want
+ Letting go of anger, jealousy, resentment & discord
+ Working with the ego and through any resistance to change
+ The power of your imagination & how to attract what you really want
+ How to revel in your authenticity and follow your gut
+ Looking at challenges as opportunities
+ Dreaming big

Who is this for?
+ You can be in a professional role, at a career or life crossroads or generally having a wobble
+ You must be open minded. This is not woo woo central but it is about being open to a world beyond what your ego has conditioned you to think
+You must be ready to own your change & attract what you want into your life
+ For those who are curious about how they can become unstuck or live up to their true potential

Who is Caroline Britton?
Caroline is an intutive and transformational coach and an expert in helping people fulfil their potential – whether that is at a soul level or developing the tools they need to transition through mindset blocks to become a successful business founder. Alongside a background of 14 years in a global consultancy Caroline also have an incredible strong intuition for helping people & an ability to be able to feel what they feel. Caroline is able to get an extremely strong gut feel on someone beyond the words, actions and confusion they present her with and understand the true essence of them. This clairsentient gift means she is able to get truly transformational changes in people’s lives. Caroline is a mother to two small children, successful business owner, runs numerous business & life changing programs, is a speaker and has been published in The Telegraph, Red Magazine, The Stylist and featured on numerous podcasts.

For more information on Caroline head to www.caroline-britton.com

Contact: kate@thegardenhale.co.uk for more info. on the event.


£20 in house, £22 on Eventbrite

Date And Time

Wed, 19 Jun 2019

19:00 – 21:00 BST


The Garden

154 Ashley Road


WA15 9SA

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