“Our intention creates our reality.”
Dr Wayne Dyer

People tend to be in one of two camps when it comes to facing a new year from the chats we’ve been having. You’re either ready to wipe the slate clean, start afresh and face the rejuvenation of a new month and year like the first page of the book of your life. Or, you’re facing it with trepidation. The ‘new year-ness’ is daunting. You know there are things you’re keen to change up but not sure how or what to do and typically end up feeling a bit rubbish come the end of January.

We at The Garden find ourselves a little in between the two. We balance between rejuvenation and the reality that sometimes, it isn’t easy. So, with that, we’re here to hold your hand not only through this month, but the entire year.

We have a brilliant series of events lined up for you again to help you kick-start your year (if that’s what you want) or, help you take step by gentle step into realising that you are already enough no matter what it is you do. The people behind each of the events, workshops and courses we’re hosting understand that sometimes we can get derailed – we all do. But crucially, they’ll help you to never lose sight of your goals – whatever they may be – and inspire you to keep going. Because you’re so worth it.

Our January menu specials have been created to help you to strike that balance too. Our food, juices and smoothies will help to get your body back to equilibrium following the festive season.

We can’t wait to welcome you in 2018.

Happy New Year!

The Gardeners


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