Wish You Were Here

“I dig my toes into the sand. The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket.”

– Incubus, Wish you were here.

Summer has arrived! And so, it seems, has the sunshine! Writing those lyrics above got me thinking about holidays and whether we even use them for their intended purpose anymore. These days, our phones have the ability to live out our holiday for us and we get home wondering why we don’t feel rested! If you are lucky enough to get away this summer, why not embrace a digital detox and leave your phone at home to mindfully make the most of your summer break? Even the thought of that is enough to give the average millenial heart palpatations but why not take some inspo from our not so tech savvy ancestors who didn’t have the choice? I guarantee you will return feeling more relaxed and simultaneously more energised than ever! Click here for 5 ways to be more present this summer.

Back home at The Garden we are excited to share with you some sizzling summer specials to see us through to September and we also have some really wonderful events happening in July, including a look at the menopause and pelvic floor and a Mindful Matters event focused on pre and post natal mental health. Check our website for all the latest and pick up a leaflet from the cafe for more info. August we team up with Back to The Garden nursery to bring you a series of inspiring kid’s workshops to keep your kiddiwinks (mindfully) occupied this Summer! Whatever your plans, we hope the long days bring you more opportunities for exploration both of the world and of yourself and that you return from any summer escapes with clarity of mind, an open heart and a refreshed look on life.

All our love

Kate, Amy + The Gardeners x