June // Specials


Festival season is here. Whether you’re going to one or not in the next few weeks, there’s one thing that you can always celebrate and revel in – that’s you, baby. Gorgeous, delightful, delicious you.

That’s what we care about at The Garden. You. Our very beginnings came from wanting to feed you well and ensure your body is nourished so that you can be the best you can be. Which turns out, is best for everyone else too.

This isn’t about preaching and telling you what you can and can’t eat. Nope.  We’re all about balance. It’s about showing up in your lives once in a while and finding ways to be creative with healthy food so you can enjoy it.

Because you’re worth it.* And we play some banging tunes in the café obvs. So, it’s kind of like a mini-festival… But with less mud. And our festival season never ends…**

The Gardeners


*Not sponsored by L’Oreal. Honest.

**Glitter, wellies and denim cut offs optional…

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