Just do it…!

So this is my first and hopefully a memorable post that will want you to read more about how my experience may help the way you view your life…
After a life changing experience I am taking my life into my own hands and using the lessons I have learned to help motivate others in the same way.

All I will focus on in this first initial post is one of the biggest lessons I have learned from the experience I have had and it’s simply this…

I now do what I want to do, when I want to do it, all the time.

This realisation has made me a much happier, content person as well as making it a whole lot easier for me to make decisions. If I am honest with myself and others about who I am and what I truly want, I find happiness. This happiness creates a knock on effect to my family, my husband, children and not only them, it follows through to my colleagues at work.

Being sure about yourself equals happiness.

It’s not about being selfish but it’s being aware of what makes you as an individual content.

If you prefer to have a sleep an hour earlier than everyone else because you know you will feel better in the morning then just do it!
If you want to have a healthier meal to the rest of the family as you don’t want the same as everyone else then just do it. You can still sit together?

If you want to read a favourite book rather than watch TV with your partner then sit with them and put on some headphones and do what you want to do. You are still together enjoying the moment.

If these small things will make you happier then it’s worth it.

I put this recent quote on instagram which emulates exactly what I am trying to say:
‘Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change ‘ Jim Rohn


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