Kavita Basi


Public Speaker, Vlogger and Writer

In March 2015 I was rushed to A&E with a life threatening illness which meant I had to undergo major brain surgery that same night. With only 30% survival rate as well as high probabilities of lifelong side effects including loss of vision and life changing disabilities it feels a miracle to me that I am here today living an almost normal life. I say ‘almost’ because what happened has completely changed my perspective on life and how I want to live. My experience has given me the purpose to take charge of who I am and the direction in which I want my life to take and my mission now is to help raise awareness of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage and help influence others to take control of their own lives. My Youtube channel and video blogs give more insight and explain the severity of this type of haemorrhage and how it effects friends and family and not just the individual. I have talked on radio stations, in schools and at The Royal College of Surgeons in London to share my experiences and inspire and give hope to others. I am currently writing a book, a memoir explaining the change in my way of thinking, my approach to life and the new perspective I feel blessed to now have.

Kavita writes monthly for The Green Life – offering a fresh insight into how we can make positive choices in life and live for everyday.

Instagram: kavita_basi
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