September & October // Specials


Can you feel it…? Change is already in the air… After a magnificent summer, the days are getting shorter, the air is most definitely cooler and you’ll probably find that your body is starting to crave something heartier to nourish yourself with.

We love this time of year in The Garden. It feels like a fresh start. A bit like ‘new year’ but with none of the pressure. We’re easing you gently into the new season with our specials for September and October… wholesome, nutritious food that your body needs and wants at this time of year.

And talking about foods that our bodies need… We can’t wait for our first Supper Club of the new season. We’re focusing on hormones – which all too often get a bad rap as an inconvenience and something else to feel bad about ourselves for. We’re partnering with hormone guru, Rosie Life Nutrition to share ways in which we can optimise nutrition to bring about hormonal balance.

Embrace this season of change.


The Gardeners


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Image: One of our SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER SPECIALS – PROBIOTIC BOWL 🌸🌼 • Lettuce, Lentil Cumin Balls, Purple Kraut, Refried Black Beans, Sautéed Kale, Sesame and Kombucha Vinaigrette