Suzy Glaskie


Holistic Health Coach and owner of Peppermint Wellness

Holistic Health Coach Suzy Glaskie of Peppermint Wellness received her training from the cutting-edge Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Drawing on her knowledge, coaching skills and expertise as a practitioner of both reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Suzy helps you create a completely personalised ‘roadmap to health’. This will not only suit your unique body, lifestyle, preferences and goals but will also help you unlock any emotional blockages which are holding you back. Suzy’s practice, Peppermint Wellness, provides coaching to individuals, groups and corporate clients.

Suzy writes for The Green Life once a month offering her advice on health related issues but you can hear more from her through her website:

twitter: suzyglaskie
facebook page: PeppermintWellness