Meet the team

Co-owners Amy and Kate have a passion for healthy living and aim to highlight the importance of well-sourced meat and fish as well as sharing their knowledge of nutritious, raw and alkaline foods to help inspire others to lead happy, healthy lives by making well informed choices about the food they eat. They have pulled together a strong team of health, food and life lovers ready to bring a fun and relaxed dining experience to the Hale social scene.




Our vision for The Garden was not just to offer a healthy and nutritious dining out option at an establishment that champions sustainability, but also to be a source of inspiration and collaboration with any like minded souls who share our enthusiasm for bettering ourselves and the world we live.



Ambitious and creative soul Amy has generations behind her that share her true love for food. Known as ‘Chef Shep’ by all her nearest and dearest, Amy is following in her father’s footsteps by moving from her usual front of house managerial role to heading up the kitchen where she is very excited to show the world how tasty healthy food really can be!




Laura is our Queen of juicing! Having spent the last 7 years juicing nearly every day (and curing a variety of ailments along the way), she is now CMA* approved qualified Natural Juice Therapist. Laura follows a vegan lifestyle and loves creating tasty plant based recipes. When she’s not in The Garden she can be found in her jewellery workshop making pretty things out of silver!