The Garden Supper Club – Spring Cleanse and Detox

Wednesday 11th April | 7-9.30pm

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The next in our series of Supper Club’s sees us teaming up with Nutritional Therapist, Rosie Tadman once again to deliver an insightful and educational evening focusing on the spring cleanse and ways to detox our liver following the sedentary stance of winter.

The evening will include supper and an interactive talk from Rosie where she’ll be highlighting how to rid the body of the excesses of winter and open ourselves up to a revitalised spring season. Spring cleansing isn’t just about shedding any extra pounds gained, but also about regaining our lost energy.

The energy of the liver is very strong in spring and the liver itself is vital in detoxifying the body. When the liver energy is not strong, the body cannot detoxify well, which can lead to so many problems. Spring is the prime time for strengthening the liver energy and being active and eating the right foods can really help to bring about more physical energy and overall vitality.

What’s for Supper?

7.00 – Welcome drink on arrival
7.10 – Welcome from Rosie including a mocktail making challenge
7.30 – Dinner is served
8.00 – Talk from Rosie
8.45 – Q&A over something sweet

Come and join other like-minded people and be part of this fun and educational supper-club

The Gardeners


About Rosie

Rosie is a Nutritional Therapist specialising in Female Health and hormone struggles. She helps women discover and heal the root cause of their issues so that they can feel like themselves again. Rosie employs holistic healing
strategies, customised nutrition and supplement recommendations. Click here for more information.