Top 10 things to do when you are having a bad day

The latest in our series of posts with intuitive coach and business and mindset expert, Caroline Britton.

Who doesn’t have a bad day that ends up spiralling into a bad week and then a revolving cycle of fear based stories we start telling ourselves. I’ve certainly been there and see it time and again with my clients.

It’s also no coincidence that this morning I woke up in a massive funk, having slept in my 5 year old’s bed, had some bad dreams and a tummy ache I woke up feeling flat, exhausted and inexplicably down about my business. I then realised that it had been given to me as a challenge to put my tips into action before I came and shared them with all of you. So today my soul purpose has been devoted to coming out of my funk and I now I am feeling aligned, back at a high vibration and optimistic again. This is what I have done…

  1. Sit with the feeling. Our knee jerk reaction when we feel an emotion that is not pleasant is to judge it, bury it or try and reason with it. The best thing is to let it move through you – the other things only surpress it and bury it in our bodies. Realise it’s ok to have a bad day and sit with the emotion – how does it feel in your body? Where do you feel it? As you focus on it, it loses it’s power and will move through you.
  2. Watch your physiology. We can all tell when someone is on a downer right? Slumped shoulders, head low, slow movement. Try sitting back, opening up your shoulders, standing tall, stretching, movement – get the stagnated energy flowing
  3. Get out your journal and answer these questions… what do I need to release that no longer serves me? What is sitting behind these emotions? I did this two hours ago and it made the biggest difference – I could see how some of my old bullshit stories had been creeping in again
  4. Watch what you are focusing on. Have you all of a sudden gone back to a past you cannot change or a future you have no idea about? If you are worrying realise it is a misuse of your imagination and think about how you do want to feel instead
  5. Write down your desires, your real ones. What do you want your life to look like? What have you to celebrate? What could things look like if they went really well?
  6. Go to gratitude. Write 10 things now you are truly grateful for. Feel them in your heart space and be truly grateful for what you do have.
  7. Create space in your day. Go for a walk, cancel a meeting, go to yoga. Do something restorative that nurtures your soul
  8. What is one thing you can do today to make you feel happy? Go do that. I’ve just done a yoga class and am sitting in my gym writing this and eating sushi.
  9. Watch who you are surrounded by. If they have low energy then watch you are not absorbing it. Imagine a gold protective bubble surrounding you and make sure their not needed bad vibes bounce off you
  10. Meditate! Breathe and sit in silence and ask for help. Ask for guidance. Ask to turn this fear and low energy into love. It works everytime.


    Caroline Britton is a intuitive coach and business & mindset expert. For more information on Caroline and to grab her amazing freebies please visit Caroline at