17 JULY – Women’s Health: The Menopause and Pelvic Floor

Dr Natalie Summerhill is a GP who is currently undertaking Advanced Menopause training in London and will shortly launch her own private clinic locally. She has many years experience in women’s health and is passionate about improving the public’s understanding of the menopause and helping women to maximise their long-term health. This work shop will be an informal discussion of what happens at the menopause, the possible symptoms and health consequences, as well as treatment options. She will present the facts and help to dispel fears about taking body identical hormone replacement therapy.


Sarah is a specialist women’s health physiotherapist treating ladies with pelvic floor dysfunction, this includes incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Up to 1/3 of women experience urinary incontinence and 50% of the female population will develop a prolapse. Pelvic floor muscle exercises are recognised as an effective conservative treatment for these problems, and pelvic floor physiotherapy is now recommended as the first line treatment for these problems.

This workshop will cover; basic anatomy, how to activate the pelvic floor muscles, how to re-train the pelvic floor and much more!

Refreshments included.


£19.50 in house or £20.90 on Eventbrite

Date And Time

Wed 17 Jul 2019

19:00 – 21:00 BST


The Garden

154 Ashley Road


WA15 9SA

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